The End of the Christmas Tour for 2014

Decorating done!  Now to enjoy…..


Isn’t it fun that we can decorate and enjoy all the festivities at this time of year?  How thankful I am to know that, Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

May you and your family have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!!

Leopard And Glitter!

Christmas In The Entry!

I love having a tree in the entry.  I always decorate a fall tree and then switch it all over to Christmas after Thanksgiving, or as in this year, before Thanksgiving due to a full calendar and didn’t want to get behind.

The entry is the easiest room to decorate…

Merry Christmas!

Pops of Turquoise!

Holiday Touches In The Living Room….

I’ve used brown and gold in our living room andy I was wanting to add a pop of color.  I finally decided on a turquoise color.  It could also be called a peacock blue, too.  Haven’t figured out the difference yet.  I found some pillows and a few accent pieces.  I plan on new window treatments but haven’t decided on an idea.  We bought new leopard print carpet a few months ago, which I love!


Merry Christmas!

Red and Green, Oh My!

Sparkles the Elf welcomes you into the Family Room.

Sparkles the Elf welcomes you into the Family Room.


Red and green decorations have to be my all time favorite at Christmas!  Ribbons, nutcrackers, pillows, brush trees, shoes, elves and of course a children’s Nativity is usually what I put in this room.  Each year, it is a little bit different simply because I have to have change.  I love adding new things and putting them in different places.

Next stop is the Living Room….see you there!

Merry Christmas!

Snow in the Patio Room!



We glassed in our patio a couple of years ago and it has been a blessing to use for family times of watching Christmas movies and gathering to visit and watch the kiddos play.  I wanted to do the snowman theme since the kids tend to end up in this room when they are visiting.

The large snowman in the tree was a gift from my sweet friend, Carol,  over 10 years ago.  I’ve always loved that snowman and bring him out each Christmas.  This Christmas, his place was actually in the tree!

Several years ago I came across a picture in my scrapbook from when I was dating Jim.  We were at Church Ski Camp in Colorado.  We wrote our names in the snow and later a friend, Robin, walked by and saw it.  She took a picture of it and sent it to me at a later time.  I love that picture and have cherished it for years.  I found the perfect frame and I bring it out each Christmas.

That is the first decorated room on my blog tour… on to the next room.

Merry Christmas!

Winter Wishes!

For those that loved the last video, here is one of my favorites from Fuzz Studios (our son, Nathan’s, animation studio) to enjoy this winter season.  Here in Texas, I can only dream of snow.


*watch for the cameo appearance by the owl an star from Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.



Christmas Is Coming!



I found Miss Sparkles in my jewelry.  She said it was time to begin decorating.  I told her it was a bit too early and that I was loving my fall decorations so much, but, I understood, since it was going to be a fast couple of months.

So here we go…….stay tuned!


Weigh-In Wednesday

Is it just me, or do Wednesdays come really fast?  Today was packed, I didn’t even get to weigh before I left the house, so I will wait until next Wednesday to weigh in.  We were on the road this past week and stayed busy, but eating healthy while traveling is not something I’ve mastered yet.  The good news is, that I stay so busy, I don’t eat a lot of snacks.  Hopefully, that helps!

This week, I’m going to share my eating plan.  This is a plan that I did several years ago and lost almost 60 pounds.  Yep, you read right, 60 big ones!  Some of those pounds has been creeping back up because I became lax in my walking and not watching what I ate.  

The plan that I used was called PRISM.  While living in Edmond, Oklahoma, I was browsing in a Christian bookstore.  I saw a book on the sale table that caught my eye.  It was called PRISM Weight Loss Program, written by Karen Kingsbury.  For $3.99, how could I resist.  I read the book in about two days.  I was so excited.  I called the number that was provided for the PRISM organization and they gave me the information for a local group that was meeting in my city.  I went to the next meeting.  I really went to just check it out, but,  I left  with all the materials I needed to begin my new journey to weight loss.  I followed the program 100 percent.  For some reason, I was ready and the program clicked with me.  My first 6 weeks, I lost 17 pounds and I just kept going until I felt good about my weight.  I stayed at my weight for a long time, and after we moved, I got off of my walking program and began not being so careful in what I ate.  Now….I’m wanting to get back in control…….again.  I, so want that tenacity back that kept me going before.  For some reason, it is a battle.  I keep thinking there are quick fixes.  I see all the ads and hear stories of someone losing 50 pounds by taking a pill, or drinking a weight loss drink…..but, for me……I think it will take hard work.  Trust me, I’ve tried some of those things and I find out I don’t like taking pills and I’m picky about drink tastes. I’m my own worse enemy when it comes to weight loss.

Here is the run down of the eating plan for Prism.  (the first 6 weeks are strict, but oh so worth it….if you stick to it)

1. 1,200 Calories per day

2. No sugar 

3.  No flour products

4. No popcorn

5. No Chips

6. No Snack Bars

7. 8-10 glasses of water per day

8. Journal everything you eat and total calories each day.

9. Exercise (I try to walk three miles each day)

10. Don’t get on a scale for the first 6 weeks.  

11. I forgot to mention….no fried foods.  :)

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  The hardest part is figuring out your foods that don’t have flour or sugar.  It can be done.  When reading the ingredients of food products, if sugar is listed as one of the first 5 ingredients, you don’t want it.  A lot of products are loaded with sugar.  It takes work and so much discipline, but the end result is great!  After the first 6 weeks are over, you can add whole wheat bread and a few other things.  

The actual company is no longer in existence, but you can find the book through Amazon.  Let me know if you do this particular program, I would love to have a friend to do this with.

Let me know what you are doing to reach your goal weight.  I would love to hear about it and your success.

Next week, we will talk about losing weight through the Holiday’s.  Now, that is a tough one.  I think life is one big holiday for me.  That’s my problem.  But, I am going to get the victory…..eventually!

Stay strong!