Weigh-In Wednesday!


10 Steps To Get Rid Of 10 Pounds


In trying to lose weight, I decided to concentrate on 10 pounds at a time instead of the entire amount until I reach my goal.


I have read that the way to determine your weight is to add 100 pounds for your height of 5 feet, then add 5 pounds (for women) for each inch after that. So, for me, at 5’8”, a healthy goal weight is 140 pounds.


I’ve had a goal of 135, but I’m going for the 140.


It is important to have a goal, so that we know exactly what we want and how far we have to go. After that, we need to know exactly how to execute and accomplish our goal.



Here are 10 tips that may help in setting ourselves up for success!


  1. Weigh/Measure. *Seeing inches disappear is just as exciting as seeing weight disappear. Record in journal.


  1. Only weigh once per week. (Wednesday will be good if you are joining in on the 10 pound challenge)  Don’t be a slave to the scale.


  1. Set up your plan for what you will do to reach your goal. Are you counting calories? Doing a program such as Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig or something similar?  Whatever it is, trusting it is healthy, stay focused and determined.

4. Go through pantry and refrigerator and get rid of all those things that are a hindrance to you. Go to the grocery store and stock up on everything you need to implement your plan.



  1. Have your journal in a convenient spot so you can record everything. For me, I have food journal, weight/inches chart, recipes to try, motivational helps, etc. I keep mine in a drawer in the kitchen.


  1. Read a health/motivational book each week. There are many motivational blogs, magazine articles and books that will help in gaining knowledge in developing a healthy lifestyle plus staying motivated. Reading success stories is a huge motivator.


  1. Decide on an exercise program. For me, walking is what I like to do. I will eventually add something more intense but for now it’s walking.


  1. Stay positive. Don’t talk down to ourselves. We are daughter’s of the King! We are loved and accepted just as we are. We are just trying to be healthy and fit in order to accomplish more for Him! (and our families)


  1. Don’t wait until you get to goal weight to take care of yourself. Put your best foot forward in the way you dress and present yourself.

10. Ask God for wisdom and help in this journey. Talk to Him about every detail each day.


Those are my 10 tips to help get rid of 10 pounds!


Do you have your journal set up? I have an actual 3 ring binder that I keep all my information in. I have downloaded a food journal page from Iheartplanners.com. You will find free printables that are available to download and print when you subscribe to the newsletter. I print a weeks worth every Tuesday night to prepare for the coming week.


Since I recently started this 10 pound at a time goal, I have lost 4 pounds.



Next week, I will post 10 ways that I am using to shed 10 pounds at a time. (Hint…I am counting calories, 1,200 calories/day is my goal)

In the mean time, find a picture of yourself at a time that you felt good with the size you were at, or cut out a picture from a magazine/catalog of your dream size. Glue it on a sheet of paper and put in your journal.


Until next Wednesday, stay strong and reach for that goal! Don’t forget, if you blow it, just get right back up, dust yourself off and get going again! We can do this!

Bloggy Monday

I went to my first writer’s conference in 2004 and so much of the talk was about how you should have a website for your writing.  I didn’t want to invest in a website and I really couldn’t see myself blogging.  But,three years later in 2007, I took the plunge.  I began with Blogger and it was very easy to set up.  Matter of fact, I made three blogs, one for my writing, which I named, His Heart, My Desire and then a blog for Homeschool Moms, called, A Heart for Homeschooling Moms to go a long with a little support group that I had at that time.  I was also serving in my church as Women’s Ministry Director, so I made a blog for our ladies and other leaders, A Heart For Women’s Ministry.  Three blogs were hard for me to keep up with like I should.  I found someone to design the headers for each one and I absolutely loved what they did.  When I went back to the designer for some updating, she no longer was doing that.  So I kept the same headers for quite a while.

Now, seven years later, the talk is how you should really move your blog to WordPress if you are on Blogger.  So, I gave it a whirl.  I met, Lindsey Riel, at a blogging conference that has her own blog design business, Pretty Darn Cute.  I absolutely love all of her designs and they are very easy to work with.  ( Be sure to check out her site and view all of her designs, she and her team are very talented!)  I worked with a precious lady, Susan, who was and is a huge help to me!

To be honest it has been an adjustment for me in learning the difference between Blogger and WordPress (just ask Susan).  I’ve been told that once I learn and figure it all out, I will be glad I switched over.  I’m hanging in there and I’m determined to learn it all.    I will say this; I never had any problems with Blogger, it was very easy to set up and manage.  My advice is, to check them both out and see which one you like the best and go with it.  If you are on Blogger and love it, I would stay put.  With WordPress, you will have more options in setting up more of a website type blog.  I’m not a pro by any means, so you may want to find someone who knows much more than myself.  I’m just sharing what I know….at the moment. :)

What I wanted to share today with you is; when I made the switch from Blogger to WordPress, I had a book made of all my posts from the beginning (2007-2014) until my last post on my “old” blog. This company, Blog 2 Print,  downloads all of your posts and pictures of your choosing.   I just received my new blog book a couple of weeks ago and I love it!  If you are a blogger and you would like to save all your posts, I would recommend using this company to put all your writing in print.  It was all very easy to do and trust me, if I could do it, anyone can!  It’s a great way to save all of your posts and pictures in book form.  




Fabulous Five On Friday

Welcome to my Fabulous Five on Friday!

I’m anxious to share with you my latest finds that I think are fabulous!  Which means it gets my Five Star Rating. (Is that special, or what?)

Those that know me well, know that I love just about everything and at the same time I’m also very picky!  I try not to be so picky, but…it just happens, can’t help myself.

So here you go, my favorites for this week!  


I found these boots at Stein Mart (love that store) and I was attracted by the 2 1/2 inch heel and of course the leopard print. I’m always on the hunt for cute shoes and boots that have a 2 1/2 inch heel, so you can imagine how excited I was when I found these!



The latest rage is, do it yourself nail gel. Sally Hansen has made a product that you don’t have to have the special light. You simply paint on the gel color and then the special gel top coat. I’ve had it last up to two weeks on my nails. I have found this product at Ulta and at Target! Make sure you get the one that doesn’t need the special light. Of course, they do make the light and special gel polish. (I bought two bottles by mistake, so my next plan is to purchase the light to try it out.)




I hope you can see these cute earrings, okay. They are gold and glittery. I found them at Chico’s! One of my favorite stores! These are really pretty in person, so you better go get them now if you want them. I’ve noticed once something is gone at Chico’s….it’s gone! Although, I went into a Chico’s Outlet in Branson, MO recently and found a top that our store ran out of and even online didn’t have it. So, be sure to check their outlets when you can.



I love the special Oreo’s that come out during the different times of the year. My heart stopped when I found these at Target! Dipped in milk…..oh, so good! Who me, trying to drop 10 this month? Yes, I am, and trying to stay strong with these things around!



I adore (trying not to use the word” love” so much) my new dryer. I splurged for a Chi. The paisley print sold me the second I saw it! Yes, I took my own picture because I couldn’t find it online. I purchased mine at Ulta. I hope you can find one… if you are looking for the paisley print: I may have bought the last one in the country.


There you go, my Fabulous Five On Friday list!  

Something to always remember is…

Material things are just things that don’t last, but the people in your life do… be sure to love those around you and let them know just how fabulous you think they are!


Weigh-In Wednesday!


Well, this is the second week in October.  If you are trying to lose 10 in October, how is it going?

Walking and cutting back on calories is difficult for me when we travel.    I do know people who don’t ever seem to have a problem with that.  They are very self controlled at eating out and even exercising while away from home.  In hotels you see them in the workout room running on the treadmill and then they can go to a restaurant and have water and a salad.  I obviously haven’t gotten to that point yet.  But, I do admire those that have and are disciplined.

In my mind I’m thinking, “I will be back at home and back in my routine very soon, so I won’t worry about anything right now.”  One of the good things is…..I’m not snacking.  I stay too busy going to want to eat anything between meals.  Hopefully, that helps.  I will find out soon enough. :)

Next week, I will share my plan in how I hope to achieve a decent loss this month.

Stay positive!



Weigh-In Wednesday!


Do you have some weight you would like to see disappear?  I know I sure do!  What a battle this is.  Have you had success at losing?  I did several years ago and slowly but surely it is creeping back on.  No fault but my own.  I got comfortable and didn’t give any thought to how I was not staying in control.

All that to say….I’m going to go for a 10 pound  loss!  Are you with me?  Do you want to lose 10?  Join me!

Each Wednesday, I will check in for Weigh-In Wednesday and give a report and those that feel comfortable can post their success or struggle and maybe it will be some type of accountability or encouragement to those like me!

We all pretty much know how to lose weight, right?  There are hundreds of programs that can help you with it as well. It’s just a matter of doing it!

Today is the first day of October, so that means for the month of October, I challenge you to lose 10 pounds.  If you only lose 5… well 5 pounds is pretty good.  Have you ever picked up a 5 pound bag of sugar.  That’s a lot in my book!

You and I both know that more than likely you have a plan at the first of the next year to begin some type of weight loss program.  Just think if you start now….you are way ahead of the game!

Okay, I’ll meet you back here next Wednesday to see what happened this coming week!  I’ll give you my plan of action that I’m using to accomplish this goal.

You have 31 days to drop 10.  Do you have a plan?  Is it healthy and safe?  You can do it.  We can do it!

Your To Do List:

Make a plan

Set a goal

Get prepared for success

If I were you, I would weigh and measure yourself and start a journal.  You will want to know, trust me.

Stay strong…see you next week!

Happy October!

October is here!  Could this be my favorite month?  It seems I say every month is my favorite lately!  I guess when October arrives it feels like it is officially Fall.

I tried to simplify my Fall decorating this year.  Once I opened the closet up, I couldn’t stop.  So, here are the results. Enjoy a mini home tour.

I do wish for you the best Fall season ever!

IMG_0109IMG_0089 IMG_0107 IMG_0116


IMG_0095 IMG_0103 IMG_0109 IMG_0111


IMG_4633 IMG_4637 IMG_4640 IMG_4642 IMG_4646 IMG_4648 IMG_4654 IMG_4655IMG_4639 IMG_4645 IMG_4651 IMG_4656

Where’s Daddy?


This was taken when I was in the 6th grade; my dad left for the final time.


As I am preparing to go to New Mexico this weekend to speak on my personal story which I call, “Daddy, Do You Love Me?”… I got a bit sidetracked.  I began thinking about how blessed and thankful I am.  As I was thinking about all the ways the Lord has taken care of me as I was growing up without a daddy to watch over me, I checked into some statistics of kiddos growing up without a daddy.  After reading over several items on this subject, I was even more thankful.  I was a girl at risk and by God’s amazing grace, I made it through without too many scars.

Here are just a few of the many sad statistics of kids growing up in a fatherless home:

43% of US children live without their father

90% of homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes

71% of pregnant teenagers lack a father

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes

85% of children who exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes

71% of high school dropout comes from fatherless homes

75% of adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes

85% of youths in prisons grew up in a fatherless home

*About 40% of children in father-absent homes have not seen their father at all during the past  year;

26% of absent fathers live in a different state than their children; and

50% of children living absent their father have never set foot in their father’s home.

(Statistics are from the US Department of Census)

Aren’t those sad statistics?  It makes my heart hurt!

The good news!

“When my father forsakes me, then the Lord will take care of me.” -Pslam 27:10

“He is a father to the fatherless.” – Pslam 68:5

You don’t have to be one of those statistics!  You can make it!  I know you can!

Put your faith and trust in Christ, let Him be your Heavenly Daddy!  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

The answer is no, it’s not that easy, BUT….it can be done.

If you are struggling in any of these areas, I would love to visit with you.  Use the contact form  or leave a comment and and let’s talk!



Do You Have a Desire To Be Holy?

As a new Christian, a new world opened up to me.  Attending Church and Sunday School became a normal for my family and I.  We were at the church every time the doors were open, as they say.  As I became convicted of various things in my life, my desire to walk as close to my Heavenly Father as possible grew stronger each day.  I was 14 and my life consisted mainly of taking care of my two younger brother’s and keeping up with housework and helping my single mom out any way I could.  I loved church life!  I was very shy, so I listened and watched more than anything.  School was something I had to do, it really wasn’t my favorite place to be, but I managed.  I tried to live my life in a way that I thought was pleasing to the Lord.  I made many mistakes (as I do now) and many times I would have someone say things to me in a negative way about being too holy.  I began to associate the word holy as someone like a “Miss Goody Two Shoes.”  At that time, I wasn’t familiar with this passage in God’s Word:

but, as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”I Peter 1:15



I wish I would have had a Bible Study back then like the one my friend, Kathy Howard wrote recently, Embraced by Holiness: The Path to God’s Daily Presence.

If you are looking for an easy to understand Bible Study on the subject of Holiness, this is it!  It is a 6-week study and you can do it on your own like I did, or use in a group setting.

I love Kathy’s practical easy to apply stories and her use of scriptures along with personal thought evaluations throughout the study!



Read more about Kathy Howard here!




Women’s Ministry Memories!

Our church was looking for a new youth pastor and the pastor asked my husband to fill in until they found someone.  I was 21 and hadn’t been married a year yet.  We took a group of teens to a winter camp in Colorado.  I was in a cabin with several girls and one night a young girl about 15 woke me up to talk. She shared with me that she thought she was pregnant.  This was a beautiful young lady who was visiting our church at the time.  I remember mostly just listening to her and in my head I was begging the Lord for the right words to say and the right way to help.  I didn’t have a clue of how to handle a situation like this.  Along with my husband’s guidance, I did my best in being someone that she needed in the area of talking to her parents and guiding her in some steps to take.

Shortly after, our church had a Family Life Seminar with Tim and Beverly LaHaye.  I was honored to help one of our pastor’s with the planning of the seminar.  When the seminar took place, I was awestruck by the ministry of Beverly LaHaye.  She had a passion to see women live their lives in a way that brought honor and glory to the Lord through their marriages, raising children and serving in the church.

When my husband went to seminary, we served in a church where my husband worked full-time as  youth/ associate pastor.  This is where my passion for equipping young girls and women to be all that God desires for them really began.  Here are a couple of pictures I found of the Christian Womanhood Class that we started.  I would love to know where these girls are now!  Notice the monogramed jumpers?  They sang as a group, too!  So cute!  The second picture shows the girls and I during our first event, “Hat’s Off To Mom!”   (early 80’s)


IMG_20140829_0001 IMG_20140829_0002




The following pictures are just a sample of some of the amazing women that I have met over the years while serving in women’s ministry and going to various women’s events .

IMG_0065 IMG_0239 IMG_0514 IMG_0534 IMG_0542 IMG_1010 IMG_1054Bev & LizDSC01652Let_Your_Life_Count_final_-168x264Jenny-Beverly-Ayeishakathy-in-chair1-200x300IMG_1831IMG_1834Lanenewheadshot-241x3002011-10-06-252C-Donna-252C-Beverly-Dillow418699_10151072242048052_552685418_n DSC00640DSC00584DSC00602DSC00605IMG_2631IMG_3004Small-Head-ShotIMG_4419


There are many more that I didn’t get or have a picture of.  Can you recognize any of them?

I will always remember that first young girl that came to me in the middle of the night with a desperate need of help and I wasn’t at all equipped to help her.  I vowed way back at that first meeting of that little Christian Womanhood Class, to be equipped myself and to teach other’s to live their lives as God designed.

The Declare Conference!

My greatest take away in attending the Declare Conference for Christian Blogging Women:  To be confident in God’s leading in using my voice in the blogging world and any other way He chooses to use me.

Here is a highlight of the weekend at the conference:


The first week of August, I attended a bloggers conference called, Declare! It was held in Dallas at the Mariott Las Colinas.

I had only been to one other blogging conference and that was a couple of years ago, which I learned so much but I was really enticed by Declare because it was geared toward Christian women and, that would be me.

I arrived Thursday just in time for a photography lab that I had signed up for before the conference began. I was in a class with 3 other women, so it was nice to have a lot of one on one with the instructor, Michelle Debenport. I took my Canon Powershot SX30 IS. I know nothing about cameras or photography, but would LOVE to be good at it. The first thing I learned was, that I really didn’t know anything about my camera. Fortunately, Michelle was very patient with me. Here is one of my pictures that I took as practice: (I know, you are saying, “keep working on it, Beverly!)



That evening The Mike Romero Band led us in worship, which was excellent. Keynote speaker, Jessi Connolly had a great message on Wild Inspiration!

During door prize time, they called my name as the winner of the Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair! When they were calling my name, I was thinking “wow, someone here has my same name!” Then I realized, it really was me. Yay!  Thank you, Cracker Barrel and Declare Team!


Breakfast, worship and an amazing message by Francie Winslow!

Then workshops began! This is hard for me, as I want to take every class. I settled on Essential Writing Strategies for Bloggers by Denise Hughes! Loved her and the class!

Lunch and next workshop, Leading with Grace by Jan Greenwood! I was inspired and excited. I bought Jan’s book, Women at War.   Jan, obviously practices what she preaches; as I was searching for a spot for breakfast one morning, Jan came over and asked me to join her for breakfast.  A new friend!

I then went to Shaun Groves class, Public Speaking When You’d Rather Type Than Talk! That class was an easy choice for me. Pretty much summed up my thoughts. Great class on speaking in public.

Dinner and keynote speaker, Lisa-Jo Baker! Once again inspired and I couldn’t wait until the next morning!

Did I mention they had workout time at 6 a.m? Did I mention…I didn’t do that? Maybe next year!

Kat Lee was keynote! Loved her message, Wild Obedience In The Small Things.

First workshop of the day and I chose a great class, Use Less Words To Communicate Big Ideas by Lara Williams! I learned a lot in that class just by knowing that I have too many words in this post.

Next on the agenda was, Blog Appeal and Attracting Publishing Professionals by Jessie Kirkland. This was a jam-packed class that was very interesting. So much great information.

A publishing panel was my next choice for the day.  Many questions were answered in the area of being published.

Dinner with Shaun Groves leading worship and Kristen Welch as our final keynote speaker was the end to a fabulous conference! Can it really be over already?



*Each time we came to our table for meals and keynote speakers, we would have gifts; jewelry, books, magazines, posters….I love prizes!

*During breaks it was fun to browse the Sponsor Booths. Many ministries were represented that touched my heart, such as:

Gospel for Asia, Veil of Tears

End Bible Poverty

Mercy House, Kenya

Plus many more!

I hope that helps a little bit in encouraging you to go next year. If you want to make a difference in our world through blogging, this is the conference to inspire you!

If you do go, I will see you there! Registration has already begun!     https://www.eventbrite.com/e/declare-2015-know-god-make-him-known-beautifuldeep-tickets-12373548617

You just may meet a new inspiring friend, too!


Lea Culp and Cindy Teel were two sweet ladies that I met.  (I didn’t get a a picture of Cindy.)


This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I trust Him. Psalm 91:2