My New Love

I’ve discovered a line of bags and jewelry at my favorite Brighton store.  It is called, My Flat In London.  I bought these two beauties in a Brighton store in Branson.  The good news is, they were both on sale!

My wish list just got longer after discovering my love for everything they have.  A girl can dream, can’t she?  I’ll take one of each!  Click here to see what else they have!  You will love it!
Tiffany Blue My Flat In London bag with coin purse.

My Flat In London

I’m No Angel

From Victoria Secret Model to Role Model
by Kylie Bisutti

I saw Kylie Bisutti on a program not too long ago. Since hearing her, I looked forward to reading her book.  Kylie talked about her modeling career and as her love for Christ grew stronger and stronger, she was convicted of the things that go on in the modeling world and she stepped away from something that had been a dream since a young girl.

Kylie is very transparent about her life as a young teen craving the attention and love from her dad. She found the attention in a way that too many girls end up regretting.

The modeling world always looks so appealing and exciting not only for young girls but even for women like me who are in their 50′s.  It seems we are all attracted to fashion and a more glamorous life.  When you read, I’m No Angel, you will see the other side of the fashion world that we are protected from.

Kylie didn’t become a Christ follower until she was already beginning her dream of modeling, so she was pretty much caught up in making excuses for the lack of discretion in dress and situations that we hope our daughters would never find themselves in.  We all know what Victoria Secret stands for and you will know for sure what their goal is once you read this book.

I encourage moms to read this book and then share with daughters and make it very clear what really goes on in this world.  We need to be honest with our sons and daughters of what is out there waiting for them.

If you work with teen girls, you might consider having Kylie come speak to the girls in your group along with their moms.

How important it is for dads to be involved in every area of a girls life.  Dads are to be the protector of their daughters.  When the dad isn’t around, a girls risk of being exploited and hurt are greater.

I was impressed with her husband and the way he prayed for her to allow the Holy Spirit to work on her heart about the world she was in.  You will appreciate that part of the story.

I love what she wrote toward the end of her book, “I quit being a VS model to become a Proverbs 31 wife.”

In a day and time where modesty, purity and common sense are quickly fading, we need to hear from those that know first hand what is in the trenches.  God has something so much more exciting than what the enemy has in store.  Be wise and discerning.  Mom and Dad, please don’t leave it up to your children to figure it out all alone.  The results might not be what you expect. -Beverly Dillow

Touches of Spring!

Time for Spring….
I love the changes of seasons and especially the special day that we celebrate Easter.  

Waiting on Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This tea setting is in honor of my sweet Aunt Daphene, who passed away last night.  She loved dishes and she loved tea time.  I’ll always remember the sweet words of encouragement you have always given me and all the decorating and entertaining you inspired in me.  I can’t wait to see you again someday!  I love you, Aunt Phene!

I think of cupcakes at Valentine’s, so this apron was perfect.  A gift from my Mom.  Thanks, Mom!
A little Valentine’s in the entry.
My Aunt Daphene Tea Setting!

Filling the curio up with red and pink!

Whenever I see the colors of red and pink, I think of my bedroom as a young teen.  My Aunt Phene made my bedspread and curtains for my room.  I can still see it and wish I still had it.  The top of the bedding was a quilted red and pink rose print with a red ruffled skirt all the way around.  She made a special pillow cover and window treatments.  I had red and pink beads over my door. (70′s) and a red inflatable chair.  I can’t forget about the red and pink furry feet that I hung on my wall.  Evidently, the furry feet were popular then.  They matched my large red fur throw rug by my bed.  Thank you for making my room so special! I bet your new home in heaven is absolutely beautiful!