A Loving Heart!



The first thing most people will say about God is usually, “God Is Love.” You can find those words printed on just about everything. I’m wondering if we get immune to the words, “God Is Love.”


 “…for God is love.” I John 4:8


God  loves us, even in our sin. As a matter of fact, He loves us so much that he sent His own son to die a horrible and cruel death on the cross, just to prove to us just how much He loves us. He also loves us so much that He gives us a choice. We can either accept His love or not.

Isn’t it amazing to know that God loves us right where we are, just how we are. I’m also thankful with  the thought that He loves us too much to leave us where we are. As we learn and grow in God’s love,  we begin to love others and take care in the way that we present ourselves in order to show just what God’s love did for us.

How’s your heart in the love department?


“But the fruit of the Spirit is love…” Galatians 5:22


It’s easy to love those that love us and are easy to love. It’s easy to love those that look good, smell good and say nice things to us.

What about loving those that we have a pretty good idea they aren’t too fond of us? It’s hard isn’t it? They hurt and they want other’s to hurt us. They are happiest when we don’t feel any type of love from them or anyone else.

Loving those that can’t do anything for us may be a challenge. How can we show love to someone that has nothing to offer us? Do we even have to have a reason to love someone?


“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12


Did you know that we can show love just by the look on our face, the tone of our voice, the words we use, our time? We can even show what kind of love we have by the statements that we make on social media.

How long must we know about God’s love and how much He loves us to be able to have love naturally flow from our heart? Do you immediately know when you have done something that you know didn’t show God’s love?

Did you make it right? That’s the hard part, isn’t it?

When we have a changed heart, we will have a convicted heart when we don’t show God’s love to others.

Is this something you need to work on today? I know I do! I want A Heart Like His, I want a heart full of love for those that God loves!

We might need to mention what the opposite of love is… hate.

Do you have hatred in your heart?

Someone not too long ago made a comment about how they didn’t like someone and they couldn’t stand them! When I mentioned the word hate, they said, “hate is such a strong word, I didn’t say hate.” I said,” if you don’t love someone, you hate them, right?  “Oh, no, I just dislike them, and I can say anything I want about them.”

So, when you dislike someone, how is that different than hate?

That gets us to this, do you have a heart full of love…..or hate?

Which do you want the most of?


Is there something you need to take care of today? If you are like me, the answer to that is, yes!


*Ask God for forgiveness for having hatred in our heart.

*Ask someone to forgive us if we have hurt them with our hate.

*Ask God to help us love the people that we have a hard time loving.

*Fill our minds with loving thoughts.

*Spend our time with positive thinking.

*Read God’s Word and let Him speak to us about anything that our heart may be lacking when it comes to loving others.

*Take our issues to God.

*Get over ourselves and live life without always worrying who loves us and who doesn’t.

*Show others how much we love them!


A Loving Heart is what I want, how about you?

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A Changed Heart!



In order to begin, 31 Days to Have a Heart Like His, we have to start at the beginning and that is with a changed heart.


Has there been a time in your life when you gave your life to Christ?

If so…you changed. You became a child of God!


For some of you, it may have meant a change in lifestyle, a change in the way you talk, dress, think and live.


If you were very young when you gave your life to Christ, it may have been a simple change just in knowing and having the confidence in a living Savior and you now will grow, live and conduct your life different than the world has to offer.


You may be reading this and thinking, “I don’t think I GAVE my life to Christ, I’ve just always believed there was a God and after all, I live in America, right, so that would make me a believer.”


There is a bit more to it than just believing and living in America.


God’s Word says:



*There is none righteous, no not one. (Romans 3:10)

No one is good enough to get themselves into Heaven or to earn God’s love.


*For all have sinned… (Romans 3:23)

I’m a sinner and you are a sinner. No one is without sin.


*The price of our sin is death…(Romans 6:23)

We will pay for our sin in a place called Hell. God sent us His son to pay for our sin so that we could instead go to Heaven to live eternally with Christ and all those that accepted Christ into their lives.


*Christ died for us…(Romans 5:8)

God sent His son to die for you and for me because he loves us.


*That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved. (Romans 10:9)

A very simple prayer to pray is:

Jesus, I do believe You are the Son of God and that You died on the cross to pay the penalty for my sin. Forgive me. I turn away from my sin and choose to live a life that pleases You. Enter my life as my Savior and Lord.

I want to follow You and make You the leader of my life.

Thank You for Your gift of eternal life and for the Holy Spirit, who has now come to live in me. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen!


*Whoever calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13)

If you called on God through the prayer or a similar prayer in your own words, this verse says, you are saved!


If you have been saved for many years or just prayed that prayer a moment ago, you have a changed heart! My heart was changed when I was 14 and oh how thankful I am! If you ever have any doubts, all you have to do is read that verse and ask yourself, “Did I ask Christ into my life and did I ask Him to forgive me of my sin?” If the answer is yes, you have nothing to doubt and no one can take that from you!


Okay, now that we have the most important step taken care of, are you ready to move on to do a bit of “heart surgery” and be inspired and encouraged to have a heart like His?


I’m ready and I’m excited!


I will see you right here tomorrow with our first heart trait, of that like our Savior, Jesus Christ!


I would love to hear about your heart change. You can send me an email or comment right here on the comment section. Remember, when you have an opportunity to tell of when Christ made a change in your life, you could be that encouragement that someone needs to read and hear about. Don’t let any opportunity pass you by to share what God has done for you!


31 Days To A Heart Like His!


I’m excited to start a series for the entire month of October on:

                                                          31 Days To a Heart Like His!

I hope you will make this spot a regular stop in your day to get a quick dose of inspiration to have a heart like Jesus.

I’ve always been intrigued by the story of David in the Bible.  David had quiet a life.  All the ups and downs, troubles, triumphs and even having to pay deeply for the sin in his life.  One thing was for sure, he loved God.  The thing that gets me the most about his story, is how he was described in Acts 13:22.

                                                    “A man after God’s own heart!”

I would love to hear God describe me as a “woman after God’s own heart.”  How about you?  How do you want God to describe you?

If you answered yes, then join me this month as we go through:

                                                  31 Days To a Heart Like His!

Something to think about today:

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your heart in being like His?

*1 – Not even close

*5 – I’m working on it

*10 – Confident that I would be described as a man/woman after God’s own heart!

You might be saying to yourself, “I don’t even know where to start in trying to have a heart like His.”  If that is you….you have come to the right place!  Let’s find out together and encourage each other to reach #10 on the scale!

Can you imagine how our world could change if more people would strive to have a heart like His? Let’s begin with you and me.

I’m ready, how about you?

                                                          As in water, face reflects face,

                                                      So a man’s heart reveals the man.

                                                          Proverbs 27:19 (NKJV)

What is your heart revealing about you?

Each day I will have a link for each topic.  You can mark this as your landing page and read and re-read any posts as we go along!

Day 1 – A Changed Heart

Day 2 – A Loving Heart

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Day 29 –

Day 30 –

Day 31 –


End of September Blog Challenge!

I may have been late a couple of times and combined more than one day on a couple of posts, but……

I did it!  I honestly was going to give up a few times….so glad I didn’t.  It feels so great to complete something, doesn’t it?

Here are the final two challenges:

#29 -Write your own list of 10 blog topics to inspire us next month.

I will be doing the 31 Days of Writing with Crystal Stine.  My topic is:

31 Days To Have a Heart Like His

Each day there will be a post that hopefully will empower and encourage you to strive to have a heart like Jesus.  I hope you will follow along and share your thoughts as we go.

Among the daily posts, I will also be sharing a Home Tour of our new hill-country home toward the middle of October.

#30 -A farewell coffee date. Take some time to breath, sip a warm drink, and share with your new blogging buddies. If you’d like a prompt: how did the Blog-tember Challenge go for you? Any surprises? What was your favorite prompt, or what would you like to see included next time?

I enjoyed meeting other like minded bloggers.  I found a few blogs to begin following and look forward to their future posts.  I thought all the writing prompts were challenging and helped me to think outside of my box a bit.  It also helped me to try harder to form the habit of being consistent in my writing.  I also loved the feedback from others.  I’m looking forward to next year!

Thank you Bailey at Braveloveblog!

A Day In The Life!

Blog Challenge with Brave Love Blog #28 –A day in the life. Take us through it with you.

When I’m home, I pretty much have a routine that I keep up with each day.  Today, I get to share with you a day away from the regular routine.

Today was a fun day as we enjoyed our  “Fall Get-Away Trip.”

Woke up in the beautiful Ozarks in the Branson, Missouri area.



Had an early lunch at the restaurant that is at The Keeter Center at College of the Ozarks!  If you have never stayed at the Keeter Center….you must go to the site and look around.  It is beautiful.  The people are so nice and everything is first class!  We like the loft rooms.  They look like little log cabins!  Very nice log cabins!



After lunch we went for a drive through the mountains and stopped at a scenic overlook of the Branson area.




I then had to make a stop at my favorite shops.  Queen Elizabeth is little shop that sometimes has cute jackets and tops.  Then we head to the Grand Village Shops!  Grand Glitz is always a fun place.  Lot’s of cute jewelry, clothes and shoes.  What makes it even more fun is the friendliness of the ladies that work there.  Then a hop, skip and a jump across from Grand Glitz is, Mulberry Mill.  It’s a very cute store, lot’s of pretties!  Jim likes looking at the wood carving shop and the leather store while I’m looking around.  We then had a snack at a cute little sandwich shop called, The Sugar Leaf.  I love that place!







My shopping has to include the cutest store ever, The Secret Garden!  If I could buy one of everything….I would in that store for sure!

By the time we closed the stores down, it was time to meet some sweet friends for dinner at, Landry’s Seafood!  As usual, it was delicious!


Then we headed to a show at The Andy Williams Moon River Theater.  An illusionist was there, Rick Thomas!  Oh my….was it good!  I’m still trying to figure out how he did all those tricks.  People floating in the air…..huge dogs popping out of little boxes…….a motorcycle appearing out of thin air……ladies cut in half…..I could go on and on.  What made it even more fun was…he was hilarious!  We laughed at his stories and with the people that he called up on stage.  Jim and I always look the other way when they start looking for someone to call up on stage.  Jim has been called up a couple of times at various shows and even though it was hilarious to me….he didn’t enjoy it too much!



When you stay at the Keeter Center, you get a turn down service with chocolates on your pillow.  If that isn’t enough, they bring you fresh baked cookies and fresh milk from the dairy!  A girl can get really spoiled here!


IMG_4700 (1)

Thankful for such a fun and beautiful day!

Catching Up on My Challenge!

Today is September 26th.  My last post for the challenge was on September 14th!  With traveling and so much happening, I got behind on my challenge.  I refuse to give up!  So, here is a quick catching up of the challenges that I accepted at the beginning of September!

Are you ready?  Here we go:

#15 – What’s In Your Bag? (I actually took a picture the morning of the 15th and that was as far as I got.)


I changed bags last Wednesday to something more Fall looking. I carried this for the past couple of months. I love purses and I have a hard time finding one that feels comfortable to me. Needless to say, I have a closet full of purses!


I don’t like to carry a lot of things in my purse. I like to be able to reach in and get what I need and not have to fumble through a lot of things. I have a wallet, card case, glasses case as I’m needing my reading glasses more and more, gum, Brighton writing pen, always have to have disinfectant wipes, lotion, a makeup bag with various things.


I found this at the bottom of my purse. When I was in Target, I couldn’t resist this and while paying for my things, I told the clerk I would put it my purse to nibble on, on my way home. I forgot about it until now.


All these little things have to be in a bag or I would go crazy looking for it in my purse. Comb, Advil, couple of lip colors, more lotion, chap stick and some papaya enzymes. I think that’s about it! I rarely open this bag. If my purse is too heavy while out and about, I will take this out to lighten the load.

#16 – What is the Real Me vs. the On-line Me? Are they the same or different?

I feel like I’m the same person.  I try to be real and honest in my writing and in person.  I’ll have to admit that writing thoughts out is much easier. I tend to be quieter in person and will give my thoughts and opinions when asked.  (Unless, something is done or said that I think I must voice my thoughts in order to set something right.) With blogging, I’m free to just talk (type) away….

#17 – What is my latest obsession?

I have lot’s of obsessions!  I tend to love everything!  I guess right now, it would be Fall.  I love the colors, the nip in the air and the clothes, oh, the clothes!!!

#18 – Record a Vlog.

I’m just not ready to make a video of myself.  I may try it eventually, but…..nah, not ready!!!!

#19 – What was the best day of my life?

This is a hard one to answer.  I’ve had many days that I look back on as great days!  Of course, the day that I asked Christ into my life!  That was a life changer for sure!  How about the day that I married my Jim, another great day and then when my first baby girl was born 3 years later and then our baby boy 3 years after that.  Oh, and then there was the day that our daughter married her husband and then when our first grand baby was born!  And…four more after that!!!  Can’t forget the day our son married his love.  Can it get any better?  God is so good.  Yes, even when I have bad days, God is still good!

#20 – What is a guilty pleasure of mine?

I love watching a good Hallmark movie!  When one is on, I look forward to settling down and just escaping for a while.  Matter of fact one is coming on tonight.  I have the recorder set.

#21 – My favorite quote.

“Live your life in such a way that when you wake up in the morning, satan says, “Oh no, she’s awake!”

I’m not sure who wrote that, but I love it.  I hope that is so true for my life!

#22 – Give a glimpse of my creativity.

Right now, I’ve been working at decorating our, Hill Country Get-Away, home.  I’m anxious to take you on a tour.



#23 – Invite a guest blogger for today’s challenge.

On this challenge, I will direct you to a post from a few days ago that shared a friend who just published a book.  Click here to read about it.

#24 – What are 5 of my favorite blogs that I read.

I have several blogs that I read, but I’ll try to pick 5.  (I may make a list soon of all the blogs I read.)

Purple Chocolate Home

Elizabeth George


The Ribbon in My Journal

A Wise Woman Builds Her Home

#25 – What are 3 songs that I’m connecting to right now?

As I’m working on this post, we have K-Love playing throughout the house.  I’m going to list the three songs that I’ve loved listening to today.

That Was Then, This Is Now by Josh Wilson

At The Cross by Chris Tomlin

Cast My Cares by Finding Favour

Okay, two more:

Forever by Kari Jobe

Soar by Meredith Andrews

#26 – What did I recently read and what is on my Reading To Do List?

Fervent by Priscilla Shirer

I have a very long list of Reading To Do’s.

#27 – What is on my Wish List?

Right now, I’m thinking of the dishes and cookware that the Pioneer Woman has just come out with.

They will go really well in our get-away house!

Click here to take a look!

Okay, I’m caught up now.  I’m back on track and hopefully, I can say that I completed this challenge at the end of September.  Thank you to Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog,  for giving this challenge.  It has been an eye opener to me in many areas of my life that maybe I will share later.

Enjoy every second of your day!



Sold Out; Live For Jesus! (Author Blog Tour)



I met Carla Mcdougal several years ago at a writer’s conference in Dallas.  What a joy it has been to see all the amazing things she has done since that time.  This is her third book and she leads an amazing ministry that is making a difference in women’s lives all across the country.  I am thankful to have met her those years ago and now call her my friend!  Enjoy the interview with Carla!



Reading through the Table of Contents for Carla McDougal’s 3rd book, SOLD OUT – Live for Jesus, it becomes quickly apparent that she has a very close relationship with her Savior. Titles such as God Appoints: His Kingdom Puzzle, Forgiveness: Fresh Start, and The Word: Spiritual Nourishment entice the reader to hear what she has to say on the subjects. The chapters are short, but the content is mighty.

When she was 40, she heard the phrase, “Life is not about me, but all about Him.” She took this to heart, and it became the focus for her life and ministry. The concept for SOLD OUT came to her from reading Philippians 1:21 – To live is Christ, to die is gain. Putting the two “ah ha” moments together, she realized if her thoughts and actions reflected them, she would be living sold out for Jesus. Consequently, the theme for this book was born.

When asked what her favorite entry might be from SOLD OUT, Carla had this to say: “PRAY 911 pops into my mind. Shortly before I was scheduled to speak at a women’s retreat, I felt a heavy oppression. I know it was a spiritual attack from the enemy, and I was even doubting my reason for being there. That morning while sitting in my prayer chair, I opened my Bible to Psalm 91. The first verse seemed to jump off the page. He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Peace washed over me, and God’s Word strengthened me for the event that evening. The next day I shared this experience with a close friend who said, ‘Next time, text me to pray for you!’ Later in the day I went back to Psalm 91:1 and this is what I saw—­ 911. My heart started pounding with excitement and I decided from then on, when oppression comes my way, I will text PRAY 911 to my prayer team. Sometimes there isn’t time to do anything more. But they don’t need to know why I need prayer, they just need to know to pray. I jumped up and started praising God. A smile emerges when I think of how God used this real life situation to teach me a spiritual life lesson.”

After her second book, My Prayer Chair was published and winning awards in 2013, people started requesting help in using it as a Bible study. They wanted to discuss the book with others who were reading it, but needed some structure to their discussions. A free leader’s guide was created and made available through www.reflectivelifeministries.org. Carla is creating a similar guide for SOLD OUT, available in January 2016. But the book is a wonderful devotional tool all by itself, with each section containing scriptures, personal anecdotes, a life challenge and a place to journal your thoughts.

Carla Headshot cropped

Beverly:  Where did you get the idea for your new book, SOLD OUT Live for Jesus?

Carla McDougal:  In October of 2014, Philippians 1:21 lingered in my heart, “To live is Christ, to die is gain.” I couldn’t get it off my mind. Over and over I asked God, “What does it mean to live is Christ, to die is gain?” In the stillness, I heard, “Live sold out to Me. Let every action, thought, and conversation reflect an attitude that says, “I’m sold out to Jesus.” Suddenly, the cover of the book popped into my head. A woman with a sign covering her face that reads, “SOLD OUT Live for Jesus.” A message embedded deeper still, “It’s not about me, but all about Jesus.” Without a doubt, God embedded in my heart, “This is your new writing project!” I praise God for the unique ways He works, for it’s all about Him.

Beverly:  What is the purpose behind the name of your book––SOLD OUT Live for Jesus?

Carla McDougal:  God desires for us to live each day with purpose. From the moment we wake up, God waits for us to connect with Him. His voice calls, but do we listen? SOLD OUT encourages readers to find purpose in life by drawing nearer to Jesus in real and practical ways. The heartfelt messages and analogies bring laughter, tears and   understanding to God’s Word. Be inspired to live in victory and sold out to Jesus through your thoughts, words, and actions. SOLD OUT not only nourishes the soul but also ignites a purpose for living!

Beverly:  What inspired you to write SOLD OUT Live for Jesus?

Carla McDougal:At age 40, I heard a phrase that rocked my world. Changed my perspective. Moved me to tears. These nine words opened my eyes to view God’s  purpose for me in a whole new way… “Life is not about me, but all about Him.” Under  the umbrella of God’s Word, my focus changed from what I can do for Jesus to surrendering it all to Him. Over the past 12 years, God has used this statement to shape and mold my writing. The front cover of SOLD OUT is symbolic of what I want my life to be. Just like the sign covers the woman’s face, I desire for others to see Jesus working  in my life. SOLD OUT focuses on living out God’s Truths in every conversation, action,       and thought.

Beverly:  Is SOLD OUT Live for Jesus a devotional or an individual read? Can it be used as a Bible study for groups or individuals?

Carla McDougal:SOLD OUT Live for Jesus is unique because it serves as a devotional and Bible study in one. This format caters to those craving to dive deep into God’s Word and is just right for those without much time on their hands. SOLD OUT is designed both for group studies as well as an individual read. Either way, the reader will be molded to look more like Jesus by the end of the book. I am in the process of writing the SOLD OUT Leader’s Guide, which will aide the leader in facilitating an in-depth group study. The guide scheduled to release January 2016 as a free PDF download from the Reflective Life Ministries website which is www.reflectivelifeministries.org.

Beverly:  Share with us your favorite entry from SOLD OUT Live for Jesus.

Carla McDougal:Wow, this is a tough question. But, the entry PRAY 911,  from Chapter 1, pops into my mind. In the midst of an oppressive time, or should I say a spiritual attack from the enemy, I was scheduled to speak at a women’s retreat. The oppression was so heavy and burdensome. Doubt plagued my mind. The morning of the event, I was sitting in my prayer chair and opened my Bible to Psalm 91. The first verse seemed to jump off the page, He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the  shadow of the Almighty. Peace washed over me. God’s Word strengthened me for the             event that evening. The next day I shared my experience with a close friend who said,  “Next time text me to pray for you.” Her words continued to linger in my heart and  mind. Later in the day, I read Psalm 91:1 again, and this is what I saw––911. My heart pounded with excitement! Immediately, I decided when oppression comes my way I will text PRAY 911 to my prayer team. I jumped up and started praising God. A smile emerges when I think of how God used this real life situation to teach me His spiritual life lesson.

Beverly:  Besides SOLD OUT Live for Jesus, have you written any other books?

 Carla McDougal:  SOLD OUT is my 3rd book. The 1st book I wrote is a 10-week Bible study called Reflecting Him. Like Jesus’ parables, Reflecting Him uses familiar objects to   identify the connection between our physical and spiritual lives. God wants to be part of    everything we do, and this study is designed to help you become aware of His life lessons twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. My 2nd book is called My Prayer Chair, which focuses on encouraging the reader to engage in ongoing conversations with God – 24/7. My grandmamma is the inspiration behind My Prayer Chair. Her love, trust, and ongoing communication with Jesus played an important role in molding my prayer       life. My Prayer Chair won multiple awards in 2013 and is now available in Spanish and   as an audiobook through Audible, ITunes, and the RLM website,  www.reflectivelifeministries.org/shop. All of my books are available through Amazon,   Barnes & Noble, Lifeway, and other online bookstores.

 Beverly:  Just for fun… How do you deal with writer’s block?

 Carla McDougal:  Prayer. Waiting. Listening. For me, prayer is the key to writer’s block.         Communicating with God opens the door to the waiting room. In the stillness, I listen and anticipate His voice behind me saying, Whether you turn to the right or the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way, walk in it.” Isaiah 30:20

Carla Headshot

Thank you, Carla!  I’m excited to read your latest book!


Top 5 Books That Made A Difference In Me!

Blog Challenge #14:

The 5 books that have impacted you the most.

Here are my Top 5 Books that have impacted my life the most:



#1 God’s Word! This book has made the biggest impact on my life. How could I not include this on my list? The Bible that I am currently using is the Study Bible for Women with Devotionals by Rhonda Kelley. I love reading out of this Bible!

Fasc. Girl

#2 – When I was about 15, I worked in a snack shop at an office building downtown while the owner friend was on vacation. He had a rack of books and I picked this book up and read the entire book in a couple of days. It was an eye opener for me.. It taught me how a young girl was to conduct her life in her teen years. I always look back on this as the first book that made a difference in my life as a young girl!

two from

#3 – Two From Galilee by Marjorie Holmes. When I was 16, I volunteered in a nursing home. A gentleman gave me this book and asked me to please read it. I took it home and read it and oh, how I loved this book. It is a fiction book and it took me back to the life of Mary and Joseph during their courtship to the birth of Christ. It gave me such a clear picture of this time in history. Loved it!


#4 – Sidetracked Home Executives. As a young wife and mom I was struggling with organization and keeping up with my home duties. I found this book while browsing in a book store one day and while learning how to bring order to my home, I laughed my way through the book. These sisters are a hoot! I actually made the file that they recommend. I followed the book to a T, until I had it down pat and formed my own way of doing things.

a woman

#5 – A Woman After God’s Own Heart by Elizabeth George! The first time I read this book, I fell in love with the way Elizabeth writes and her heart for women living a life for Christ. This book encouraged me to have a home that glorified God. Since then, I have bought and read all of her books and studies. Matter of fact, I just bought her latest this past week, 15 Verses to Pray for Your Husband! I don’t know where I would be without the teaching of Elizabeth George!


Bonus! #6 – Personal Holiness Bible Study by Rhonda Kelley! This study was such a blessing to me! I was encouraged and challenged by this study! Just had to share one more!

If you are interested in any of these books, I made a link in my sidebar that will take you to Amazon to read more about each of these books!

Do you have some books that have impacted your life?  I have many, but these pop out as special books to me!


My Season!

Blog Challenge #13 – Create a collage or inspiration/mood board for this season in your life.

I hope this collage of pictures helps in describing where I am in my season of life.  While searching for pictures for my collage and realizing what a disaster my pictures are, I had thought, maybe someone will do a digital organizing challenge soon! :)  I went to my Pinterest boards and took some of my favorite things from that and added a few of my own pictures.

PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey Collage2 PicMonkey Collage3 PicMonkey Collage4 PicMonkey Collage5 PicMonkey Collage6 PicMonkey Collage7

What season of life are you in and how are you living it to the fullest?  That is my goal, to live it to the fullest!


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What Are You Doing, Beverly?

Blog-tember Challenge #12

I’ve been doing the Blog Challenge with Brave Love Blog.  Each day we are given a writing prompt and we write a blog post and share on the Brave Love Blog.

Here is the question for today:

What are you up to currently?


I loved reading the answer to that question by Bailey Jean of Brave Love Blog.  She is the one that has issued this challenge.  I wanted to copy her outline and come up with fun answers to each one, but, I need more time than what I have, so I will just tell you exactly what I am doing now, at this moment.

It is 5 a.m.  My eyes popped open at 3 a.m.  I tossed and turned and told myself to just get up and get going.  My alarm was set for 6 a.m. to get ready to leave the house at 7:30 and drive 2 1/2 hours to watch my nephew play football.  He is sophomore and plays on the Varsity of his high school.  My mom has been visiting this past week at our “Hill-Country Home” and what fun it has been to have her here.  She loves watching her grandson play football!  This will be her last game for the season to be able to watch him since she will be having knee replacement surgery in a couple of weeks.  After the game, we will drive another 5 hours to get her back home.  Traveling makes me very sleepy even when I’ve slept good, so I know what is going to happen today while traveling.

That is what I’m currently up to!  I so wish, I had some fun things to list that is going on in my world right now, but I have to go dry my hair, decide what to wear, grab my things that I need to travel with and meet my husband and mom in the car at 7:30 a.m…….sharp! 😉

Have a blessed day!!!!!